Metric and self-forming screws for every need

Metric and self-forming screws production.
We can combine every type of head and rod mark with the desired thread.
For ISO metric threads, the ideal screw and female screw profiles coincide.
The lead and the pitch of the thread are the same.
Metric and self-forming screws production

from M 1.6 mm to M 9 mm

Available metric threads:

- whitworth (bsw) maximum length 90 mm
- Screws with self-forming metric thread
- Trilobular
- Self-tapping


Used to form a metric thread into metallic materials such as steel, copper and alloys, aluminum and alloys. During the screwing operation into smooth holes, the screw forms its threaded seat providing a superior sealing and a more precise coupling than any other screw tightened into threaded female screws. These types of screws can be unscrewed and other normal metric ISO thread screws can be screwed into the same seat.


- Screw steel 4.8 - 5.8 - 8.8 - 10.9
- Brass
- Aluminum
- Copper
- Stainless steel

Technical tips on raw material

- Steel UNI 7356-74 CB4FF
- Steel UNI EN ISO 10263-2 C4C for products that do not require thermal treatments

- Steel UNI 7356-74 CB15
- Steel UNI EN ISO 10263-3 C18B2 for products requiring surface hardening (cementation carbonitriding)

- Steel UNI 7356-74 C21B
- Steel UNI EN ISO 10263-4 C23B2 for products requiring hardening treatments (8.8-10.9 to be obtained with stabilization treatment)


Screw Metric thread

Metric thread

Screw Self-tapping thread

Self-tapping thread

Screw Trilobular thread

Trilobular thread

Screw Tipsgrow thread

Tipsgrow thread


Screw Cross recess pan head

Cross recess pan head

Screw Combi cross recess/slot pan head

Combi cross recess/slot pan head

Screw Large washer head

Large washer head

Screw Hex washer cross recess head

Hex washer cross recess head

Screw Combi slot/convex torx head

Combi slot/convex torx head

Screw Torx pan head

Torx pan head

Screw Combi flat cross recess/slotted pan head

Combi flat cross recess/slotted pan head

Screw Slotted pan head

Slotted pan head

Screw Flat slotted countersunk head

Flat slotted countersunk head

Screw Domed slotted countersunk head

Domed slotted countersunk head

Screw Convex hex socket head

Convex hex socket head

Screw Hex socket pan head

Hex socket pan head

Screw Special socket pan head

Special socket pan head

Screw Hex socket flat countersunk head with marking

Hex socket flat countersunk head with marking

Screw Hex washer head

Hex washer head

Screw Anti-tamper pan head

Anti-tamper pan head

Screw Stepped head

Stepped head

Screw Flat square neck head

Flat square neck head

Screw Convex square neck head

Convex square neck head