Our company is growing
because it is organized
around people

Teamwork means, for us, growing by recognizing the important role of each person in the success of the company.
The new headquarters

The new headquarters

The new factory consists of a roofed area of 2,400 sq m and an office building of 300 sq m, located within a total area of 11,000 sq m., where the pre-existing trees have been held in great consideration.

The project for the new factory is well-blended with the nearby Garzaia di Sant’Alessandro, recognized as a Site of Community Importance by the Natura 2000 Network. Within this framework, new indigenous hornbeam oaks have been planted in harmony with the neighbouring ecosystem and an ample lawn space was created.

The building was built in compliance with all the relevant regulations, according the most modern housing standards. Great importance has been given to equipment and facilities. These have been completely renovated in the production departments which generate added value in a social context where workers’ health and safety take priority.

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The new headquarters 2
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