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Metric Screws

In the metric ISO thread, the screw and nut profiles match.
Flank and thread pitch are the same. The use of screws with metric threads requires a threaded screw seat (threaded hole).

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Self-forming screws

During screwing, self-forming screws form a metric thread in smooth holes in metals, such as steel, aluminium and its alloys, copper and its alloys.  Self-forming screws create their own threaded seat, offering superior sealing and a more precise fit than any other screw tightened in already threaded studs. These screws can be unscrewed and other screws with a metric ISO standard thread can be screwed into the same seat.

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Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws have the characteristic of creating their own seat in a smooth hole in materials such as metal, plastic, wood or wood composites.
They offer very stable fastening and can be produced with or without a tip. Depending on the type of material in which they are to be used, there are specific types of self-tapping threads with different ridges and pitches precisely to offer the best possible performance.

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Special and Custom Screws

Our experience allows us to support the Customer from the design to the realisation of the screw, respecting the required drawing and specifications.
We support the project start-up study by offering samples that give the opportunity to test the parts in the target applications.
In this way, the Customer can validate the process with the knowledge that subsequent series production will match the solution he was looking for.
We guarantee high performance of our screws because we take care of every aspect of the industrialisation of the product.

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