Our history

1955 to the present day

The value of family and the generation transition

Francesco Fusani, founder of Viteria Fusani, was a man of outstanding strength and courage. Born into a family of threshers, he spent several years of his youth in the war, during the Second World War.
As a skilled mechanic, he was enlisted in the service of the Italian army to repair military vehicles, moving from one camp to another in a truck equipped as a mobile workshop.
He was taken prisoner first in Africa, experiencing fear and great physical discomfort, and then in America. This was “his salvation”.
In his stories, he always spoke of the American people with esteem and gratitude because he found acceptance and was treated with dignity. With a hint of pride he told how he had tasted the famous Coca Cola before the rest of us. He was one of the lucky soldiers who returned safely to his homeland at the end of the war.
He got married and in the 1950s became the father of three sons, Tino Anacleto, Gianpiero and Claudio.
In 1955, in a pioneering spirit, he broke away from the world of agriculture after buying two used machines for the production of rolled rods from a company closing for bankruptcy in Milan.
It was something completely new to him, yet his ambition and mechanical skill gradually led him to start a small bolt factory, which, starting in the 1970s with the entry of his three sons into the business, grew into the company we know today.

Our history

  • 1955
    Foundation of Viteria Fusani

  • 1970s
    The sons joined the company

  • 1990s
    The beginning of the generational transition to the grandchildren

The historic headquarters in the 1970s

These black-and-white photos bring back memories of the 1970s, when Viteria Fusani employed no more than 10 people, and enjoyed a truly family-like relationship. Comparing the working environment of that time with the present one shows just how far the world of work has come, both in terms of technological advancement and in terms of workers’ health and safety.
In the 1970s, when the three sons joined the company, the first purchases of new machinery and gradual factory extensions were made to meet the growing demand of the time.
In the 1980s, the renewal and modernisation of the machinery inventory led to the expansion of the range offered and the improvement of product quality, enabling the acquisition of important Customers whom we still serve with great satisfaction today.
In the 1990s, the first recruits of the third generation turned their attention to the Quality Policy, the acquisition of ISO9002 certification and the consolidation of Customer relations.
In the 2000s, the introduction of multi-station moulding machines began, allowing more sophisticated parts to be added into the production range. In these years of evolution, a major development was the construction of the new factory that Viteria Fusani relocated to in 2013. This optimised the flow of all processes, facilitating the achievement of the Company 4.0 management model. This path of rapid growth and improvement enabled Viteria Fusani to obtain IATF16949 certification, making it the ideal partner for every need.

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