Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws have the characteristic of creating their own seat in a smooth hole in materials such as metal, plastic, wood or wood composite.
They offer very stable fastening and can be produced with or without a tip.
Depending on the type of material in which they are to be used, there are specific types of self-tapping threads with different ridges and pitches precisely to offer the best possible performance.

Our range of self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws available from diameter 1.6 mm to diameter 8 mm.

Screws for metal

UNI 6947/ DIN 7970 compliant.
They allow efficient fastening on thin metal materials. The presence of any tip helps form the thread and feed the hole.

Wood screws

DIN 7998 / DIN 571 compliant.
With a 60° ridge profile they are suitable for fastening on solid wood. The low ridge height allows deep screwing without triggering cracks in the materials.

For wood / chipboard agglomerates.
With 40° ridge profile. The thin ridge and small core diameter allow efficient fastening on chipboard, without the need for pre-drilling.

Screws for plastics

UNI 9786 / UNI 10225 compliant and with special profiles.
The slim profile ridge (20°30° o 25°) and small core diameter are specific to plastics. They allow safe screwing and tightening without triggering cracks in the plastic. Compared with self-tapping screws for metal, and for the same diameter, they allow reduced pre-drilling, with the advantage of workpiece strength.

Hilo screws

UNI 9702 compliant.
Particular screw with two threads for use on plastics. It combines the practicality of the plastic screw with the assembly speed of the double-start screw.

Screws with quick-release threads

These are threads with two or more starts. The real pitch is equal to the apparent pitch times the number of starts.
A screw with a multi-start thread is used when very fast screwing is required. These threads can be made with either metric or self-tapping profiles.

Usable Materials

Carbon steel:

  • Steels for products without heat treatment for classes 4.8 – 5.8
    • C4C and C10C according to UNI EN 10263-2 and/or previous standards (e.g. UNI 7356-74)
  • Cementing/carbonitriding steels
    • 15B2, 17B2, 18B2 according to UNI EN10263-3 or 17MnB4, 20MnB4 according to UNI EN 10263-4 and/or previous standards (e.g. UNI7356-74)
  • Quenched and tempered steels for classes 6.8 – 8.8 – 10.9 – 12.9
    • 23B2, 33B2, 38B2, 20MnB4, 23MnB4 according to EN 10263-4 and/or previous standards (e.g. UNI 7356-74)

Stainless steel:

  • Austenitic Quality A2, A4, in strength classes 50-70-80
  • Ferritic for heat-treated applications





We can produce screws with any type of head and drive. These images represent some examples.

Cylindrical head screw with cross drive

Cylindrical head cross/slot combination

Wide head false washer

Hex head with false washer and drive

Combined torx convex head and slot

Torx drive cylindrical head

Flat cylinder head cross/slot combination

Cylindrical head screwdriver slot

Flat countersunk head screwdriver slot

Cap countersunk head screwdriver slot

Convex head hex socket

Cylindrical head hex socket

Cylindrical head special drive (SIXNIKS)

Flat countersunk head with hex socket marking

Hex head false washer

Cylindrical head tamper-proof drive

Flanged head

Flat head square neck

Convex head square neck

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