Special and Custom Screws

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Special and Custom Screws

Our experience allows us to create perfect special and custom screws, supporting the Customer from the design to the realisation of the screw, respecting drawing and required specifications.
We support the project start-up study by offering samples that provide the possibility to test the parts in the target applications. In this way, the Customer can validate the process with the knowledge that subsequent series production will match the solution he was looking for.
We guarantee high performance of our special and custom screws because we take care of every aspect of the industrialisation of the product.

We also make all kinds of sockets and tips, friction or self-locking notches, closed threads and washer assemblies in metal, Teflon or other materials.
Knurling, grooves, pre-cuts, heads, drives and threads of all kinds are also performed.

Some examples of custom-made special screws.


Screws with rings for handling functions in quality electrical equipment.

Screws with captive washers

The advantage of having a captive washer fitted.
A ready-made solution.

Grub screws

Headless screws for clamping in special products.
Suitable for parts with limited space and limited housing.

Screws with self-locking application

Thanks to the application of polyamide nylon, the thread is fixed in the screw seat, ensuring vibration stability.

Pre-cuts and grooves

With just one piece, the user can obtain several required lengths, thanks to the engravings on the shank.

Tails / tips

Dedicated to guiding and centring the pieces on automatic screwing tools.

Special grooves and necks

Dedicated functions for a variety of uses: self-locking, special pressure clamping, welding embossing, scraping teeth to form countersinks on soft materials or wood agglomerates.


For use in small manufactured articles.


The irreversible, screwless locking system.

Special threads

Special profiles, ring, dog tooth, etc. Depending on the fastening requirements, we study and create the ideal solution for the user.

Aluminium Pins

Suitable for press-fit fastening, where permanent fixing of components is required.
The advantage for the user is the malleability of aluminium combined with corrosion resistance. Especially suitable for the production of pots and pans.

Screws with plastic washer

The advantage of the captive washer combined with the advantages of plastic materials makes it ideal for couplings where a seal is required or where it is necessary to preserve the surface of the part being fastened: the soft plastic material provides greater protection from rubbing than conventional steel washers.

Shank-cut screws

The machining, which can be customised in terms of shape and notch size, allows for products that can be used as precision regulators, filling or level control systems, deburring mother screws, etc.

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